Cotton sleeping bags for kids are available in a wide range of designs and they are also made in different ways. Air can pass through the cotton material which gives warmth. Kids can enjoy a sound sleep in the cotton sleeping bags. It can be said that they are the most important play items for the kids when playing camping at home. Cotton sleeping bags are not considered appropriate for use outside as this material is not waterproof.

Cotton sleeping bags for kids come in smaller sizes than the ones meant for adults. Sizes vary for the small and older children. The sizing of the sleeping bags for kids is done such a way that the children are able to feel comfortable in them. They can be opened up levelled and double as a blanket in the colder months. One of the sides and the bottom side of this double sleeping bag can be unzipped completely so that it can be opened up and lay even on the ground or bed.

When it comes to the designs of the cotton sleeping bags for kids, there are many attractive ones ranging from the cartoon characters and popular sports teams being the themes of the designs. Thus, the children can choose their favourite design of cotton sleeping bag. A cotton sleeping bag for kids having ballerina designs is a favourite choice of girls and the ones having sports team logos are a hot pick among the boys.

Cotton sleeping bags for kids can be washed in washing machine. Due to prolonged use the sleeping bags get dirty and require to be cleaned thoroughly. Make sure that you wash the cotton sleeping bag of your kid in cold water and gentle cycle in the washing machine.