Air travel has become extremely popular, over the past decade in contrast to rail or travel by road. The foremost rationale behind this change is the popularity of internet and customers being able to view the status of tickets and rates over the internet. In the olden times the number of air carriers where much lesser, than what is today. If a family had to undergo a trip, they would first go to the rail station and book the tickets, since flight tickets were extremely costly and there was no option of booking online.

The scene has undergone a total change now; there are so many websites which wrestle to provide the most reasonable rates every single day. Travelers can log on to the websites, check the different flight options, timings and the best rate they can travel at. In the mean time, they can also compare the rates offered by various websites and take an online print of the ticket. Printing a ticket can be done in a jiffy and there is no hassle.

Some of the Best Offers of Cheapest Flights


This site offers a number of options and they make their selling attractive my giving in a separate link, for only special offers. When a customer clicks on the offers option, it exposes us to the multiple holiday option the website has. With each festive season or a special day approaching Expedia has an offer.


  • For this Valentine’s Day if you are travelling within the dates of 31st January to the 28th of February, a discount of 50% can be availed on hotel bookings.
  • There are a number of special holiday packages, for both domestic and international destinations
  • The package includes air ticket, hotel accommodation, taxis transfer and the taxes.
  • For a customer if they are looking solely at a holiday package, they need not search any other option, but just need to look up at the special offer section.
  • It has made ticket booking so user friendly, which even the holiday options are categorized in to.
    • Weekend trips
    • Honeymoon
    • Heritage trips


This website is now competing to be one of the uppermost sites and have various offers for its travelers. The site has a unique strategy by which, they have daily offers. For instance the offer for a day can be:

  • Up to 30% off on a particular hotel in Goa, it even includes five star hotels.
  • The site has a separate space created, for the featured deals; it has deals for only hotel rates, flight costs and rates for hotels and flights.
  • If a person is looking at undertaking a trip, be it for business or personal reason this offer really helps him in cutting his/her travel expense.
  • One of the unique selling points, which attracted me to the site, is that, it covers hotels and flights of all ranges and this is what attracts common man.

Air travel has become affordable and convenient for travelers, owing to the option of booking online. There are a number of websites that offers various packages. Before booking the ticket, it is ideal to scout few sites and compare the rates to get the best option for flying cheap.